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Hello, how are you going today?

Do you ever feel anxious disconnected, stressed, overwhelmed or simply stuck in a rut?

Is it just a little niggle or is everything completely stuffed up? Or do you simply want to be 'better' at something, to get healthier or to achieve a specific goal? Or perhaps someone you know is having issues — such as a partner, child, relative, friend, team mate or colleague.

I'm Tom, and at Headland my job is to help you to activate the clarity and courage you need to change the choices you make in order to realise your wellbeing, performance or growth goals.

Hypnotherapy for wellbeing


Stay Healthy & Balanced

Manage anxiety, stress, pain, anger and more
Break bad habits, dependencies and addictions
Overcome fears and phobias
Recover from injury, trauma, grief or loss
Sleep better, eat / drink less, move more
Hypnotherapy for wellbeing


Create Your Own Success

Get clear on what success is for you
Stop procrastinating, start doing
Make better, more effective choices
Interact better with others
Realise personal and career goals
Hypnotherapy for wellbeing


Connect With Yourself & Others

See and accept what you need to change
Break free from limiting beliefs or patterns
Build confidence, courage and self belief
Improve or repair relationships
Start a family or be a 'better' parent
"I feel ten feet tall and I'm normally 5'7 so I'm feeling great!"
New Dad, Business Owner & Entrepreneur // Lower North Shore, Sydney
"Tom got me back on track... not just training, but really enjoying my running again."
Endurance Athlete // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"My teenage son is a diferent person!"
Father of Three // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"I am now able to drink in moderation."
Father and Business Owner // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"I see things a lot brighter. I don’t know if that’s weird or normal. I really do see things differently. Even things like colours are more vibrant."
Law Student // UTS, Sydney
"I see my daughter becoming more confident, more empowered and more independent."
Parent // Sydney
"Thank you Tom for helping me break down and re-evaluate my “tunnel” vision."
Mum to be // Northern Beaches, Sydney
"Tom helped me to feel more in control and calm."
New parent // Northern Beaches, Sydney

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I'm here to help

I’m Tom and I'm probably a bit older than I act and, like everyone else, over the years my life has had its ups and downs. The good news is that I'm here to help you navigate your way through yours!

At "Headland" I combine psychotherapy, creative therapy, hypnotherapy and counselling techniques to help you heal, overcome fear, build self belief and create positive change in your life at home, at work, at play, at school... and anywhere else in between.

These techniques have been used for thousands of years and today they are increasingly used to create behavioural change and promote mental wellbeing in business, coaching, counselling, education, health & fitness, personal growth, professional development, relationships, sport and more.

I specialise in Manxiety

While I work with lots of different people across lots of different issues, I specialise in working with men to help them understand and address what I call Manxiety — the underlying patterns of anxiety that shape the way many men think, feel and behave these days. I work with school kids, teens, young adults, business owners, athletes, dads... basically if you're a bloke aged anywhere between 8 and 80!

What to expect when we work together

We start with a quick 15 minute fee-free and obligation-free chat over the phone or video call.

If we both feel like we can work together — and it's important that you read and understand the Principles of Practice outlined below — we typically work in a block of three sessions with some 'homework' over a period of two or three weeks.

We work collaboratively and we work fast — many people say they experience a significant shift in the first session. We will talk, draw and write about what's going on. There may be tears, there is usually laughter and lots of other emotions in between as we work through three key stages:

Stage One


Getting clarity and understanding what's happening, how it's triggered and the impact on your life.

Stage Two


Targeting, disrupting and bypassing your conditioned thinking and behaviour.

Stage THree


Embedding the courage, resources and power for you to make choices that create long-lasting change.

Where we work

There are a number of location options:

  • In my office in Manly on Sydney's Northern Beaches
  • 'Walk and talk' in the beautiful outdoors (Manly / Harbord / Curl Curl area)
  • If required and geographically possible I can come to you
  • Online via Zoom

What does it cost

We try to keep pricing simple:

  • The first session typically lasts about 90 minutes and costs AU$100 (which is a 50% discount)
  • Choose to leave within first 30 minutes of first session and there's no charge
  • Subsequent sessions last 60 - 90 minutes and cost AU$200.
  • Following any introductory discount, if you pay for a block of three sessions the cost is AU$500.

Please note:

  • Some private health funds cover 'psychotherapy' and 'hypnotherapy' — it is up to you to check and process any claims yourself.
  • Headland services are not covered by the Medicare Mental Health Treatment plan.

Start today

If you'd like to learn more about how we can work together, please get in touch:

Book your Fee-Free Chat

Principles of Practice


We work together.

I do not magically 'fix' you or give you all the 'answers'. That's going to all come from you! During this highly collaborative process you need to be completely honest and you need to be completely committed to wanting to create change — which includes completing tasks between sessions. You will need to do some homework to create lasting change in your life!.

If you find yourself resisting the need to change... well that's the first thing we can work on so that you are wholly bought into the process!


We work fast and create results that will last.

We can usually get you to where you want to be in 3 sessions over 2 - 3 weeks. Most people say they experience a noticeable positive change within the first session. Sometimes we can resolve very specific issues in one session. Sometimes we uncover other stuff, so we need more time to work through those too.


We will work on what you need right now.

Everyone is different, has different needs and thinks differently from one day to the next. This is not a templated formula, but a dynamic and adaptable approach that works for how you’re feeling right now, with plenty of wriggle room for anything unexpected!


You come to change your future, not your past.

This is not the kind of therapy where you have to keep coming back week-after-week to try to make sense of things that have already happened in your life or to find some 'deeper meaning' in your past. We work on changing your future  how you maintain problems, make decisions and utilise your skills, resources and experiences.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis


Anything can be said, everything is heard, nothing is judged.

It goes without saying that everything discussed is strictly confidential (unless you pose any kind of danger to yourself or others, in which case the law requires appropriate authorities or agencies to be informed).


Laughter is one of the best forms of therapy.

There are often tears, there may be frustration, there may be confusion, there may be regret, there may be anger. But there is always a place for humour in healing, so there's usually plenty of good stuff too, like laughter — which is one of the most powerful forms of therapy going —because when we laugh it's hard not to see the world, and our place in it, differently.

And of course there is always hope and positivity, but firmly anchored in reality.


You are always in the driver's seat.

Sometimes we will use hypnosis to disrupt your current thinking patterns and to fast track and embed new patterns of thinking. This is 'Clinical Hypnosis' or 'Hypnotherapy', not the 'stage hypnosis' you may have seen in movies or for entertainment — when people cluck like a chicken or dance like Elvis!

During hypnotherapy you are in a relaxed but highly focused meditative state and you are always conscious and in control and you can stop the process should you wish to. In this heightened state of awareness you can experience things differently and be more open to suggestions and alternative views as you can access and bypass your subconscious.


What you are not changing you are choosing.

If you're not changing something, then by default you are choosing it. This can be quite confronting for some people... but that quickly becomes liberating and empowering! Together we will quickly establish the impact of continuing to choose a particular behaviour or way of living and the benefits of doing something about it by choosing to change.

Headland Health provides psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for:

Adapting to change
Alcohol Consumption
Anger and Rage
Becoming a Parent
Binge Drinking
Binge Eating
Break Bad Habits
Bullying at School
Bullying at Work
Chronic Pain
Climate & Eco Anxiety
Decision Making
Device & Digital Time
Diet and Weight Loss
Grief & Loss
Health & Fitness
Infertility & IVF
Injury or Operation Recovery
Life Purpose
Mental Wellbeing
Modern Masculinity
Panic Attacks
Performance at work
Personal values
Post Natal Depression
Pre Natal Anxiety
Present with Confidence
Public Speaking
Quit Smoking
Self Belief
Sex Drive
Sleep Patterns
Social Isolation
Social Media
Sport Performance