The Headland Journal
October 15, 2021

It's a dog's life

OK so Salomon make outdoor adventure gear, but in this beautiful video they highlight what we can all learn from man's best friend.

Dogs have it all figured out.

Happiness is so much simpler than you might think.
Real happiness is uncomplicated by the rush of life;
How much money you have, or don’t have;
What you have or haven’t accomplished;
And is beyond what you feel good or guilty about.
It’s about our relationships - with the earth, nature, and each other.
Always go out, even it it’s raining.
Enjoy the journey. Never forget to play and feel the joy of life.
Jump for joy when you’re happy. Surround yourself with the people you love. Live in the moment. Have boundless energy.
Listen more than you talk... But when you do talk, speak from the heart.
It’s never too late to learn. Look for the best in everyone. And be loyal.
Love unconditionally ...and shine with all of your light, all of the time.

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